Welcome to this resource for my readers on the topic of Socialism

Capitalism vs. Socialism; the REAL-world differences...

The above is my 57-minute “treatise” on the real-world differences of Capitalism and Socialism. The following video just covers 1 socialist idea (and it’s a doozy!):

"Abolish Profit"...Does this Socialist idea make sense?

Understanding Socialism - 2020

The above video about socialism is a recording of a zoom webinar on the topic that was done April 21, 2020. Feel free to share it with others!

For the infographic mentioned in the webinar, here is the download link:

Many folks believe that the Scandinavian countries such as Sweden are good examples of socialism, but think again. Here is a great video on the issue with John Stossel:

John Stossel interviews Gloria Alvarez on socialism…