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To help you build wealth, you should adopt a two-pronged approach…the “raving capitalist” way! 

The two prongs that are part of the “raving capitalist” approach are passive and active. Passive wealth-building means that your money is working for you. Whether that approach is through stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, options or other vehicle, you deploy them using investing or speculative strategies.

Half of the educational programs here at Raving Capitalist are about passive wealth-building and how to go about it. One of my programs is “the $50 Wealth-Builder” which shows you how to build wealth through investing strategies that you can start with as little as $50.

In addition, you can learn about options (basic and advanced) as well as how to invest (or speculate) in commodities, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and vehicles and strategies that can provide passive, residual income that could supplement (or replace) your current or future income so that you can achieve financial independence.

Now, maybe you don’t have a million dollars to deploy in passive wealth-building…no worries! that is where “active wealth-building” comes in. Every one has some spare time…so why not do some active wealth-building?  This means having a part-time or spare-time business as a part of your total wealth-building approach.

A part-time home business is a way to diversify your active income activities. In other words, don’t just have a single source of income (such as a job) be the only thing you rely on…have a second source of active income. A part-time home business gives you more than added income. It can also mean building a valuable asset (your own business) and something that potentially saves your thousands in taxes.

This is why the other half of the programs here at Raving Capitalist are about powerful (and fun) ways to increase your income using a home business.

Explore the site…you will find tremendous ways to build wealth and increase your prosperity and financial independence.

Paul Mladjenovic
email: paul@mladjenovic.com

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