What Financial Advisors and Their Clients Should Know about Socialism

The midterm elections had plenty of drama and excitement…but they also provided early warnings about the types of policies and ideas that are heading our way…the types of policies and ideas that will have significant,  life-changing and even dangerous consequences for our economy and America’s financial well-being.

In this video commentary, I direct the topic to my peers and colleagues in the financial industry. CFPs and other financial planning professionals should be among the first to see what may be coming and to help their clients accordingly.

Make no mistake about…if socialism took hold of our economy…it would have catastrophic consequences for the general economy…and hopefully we can avoid or mitigate the painful results that may appear in the near future…

If you are a financial professional…or their client…or simply a concerned investor…I’d like to hear from you.

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I wish you continued success…


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P.S. For further details, check out the latest edition of my infographic on the topic at

Capitalism vs. Socialism infographic (version 3)