Updated infographic: Capitalism vs. Socialism

My thanks to those that gave me feedback on Version 1.0 of this infographic.

Here is Version 2.0...Feel free to download it and pass it along:


You have my permission to download the above infographic and to freely share it with others. However, you may not change the content in any way.


I opted for a clean, readable look. Please share with your favorite millenials and college students since they are getting inundated with nonsense about socialism…very sad!

And the bottom line is that if these uninformed folks vote…and there of millions of them…then socialism can become a reality in our country and all of us will suffer with that horrible reality.

If you know a college or high school that welcomes a speaker on this topic, feel free to refer them to me at my contact page at this site.

Thank you…I wish you continued success!


Paul Mladjenovic, CFP

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