Understanding Socialism Webinar

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Evening: 7:30pm EST, Monday April 27, 2020

This webinar will help attendees learn the real-world differences between socialism and free-market capitalism. Paul Mladjenovic will tear away the theory and the hype and let you know what the reality is about socialism. After Paul’s presentation (powerpoint) which will be provided to attendees afterward as a PDF, there will be Q&A.

Among the questions/ issues addressed are…

  • Why does Socialism have a 100% failure rate?
  • Why does Socialism consistently increase poverty?
  • What should investors and financial advisors understand about socialism?
  • Was Jesus Christ a socialist?
  • Socialism is only successful under 1 specific circumstance.
  • How does the Coronavirus crisis mirror the effects of a single socialist policy?
  • Why is virtually every tyrant in world history a socialist?
  • Is the “Green New Deal” good for the economy?
  • …and your questions will be answered too!

All are invited to attendee…especially college students and young adults! To register, choose the webinar below and click the button…