Zero Cost Marketing

A treasury fo strategies and resources for more leads, sales, and profits…even if you have no money in your budget.

“You want to make more profit and sales in your business…

but you have NO MONEY for advertising or marketing… what can you do?!”

If you found yourself thinking that thought (or something similar)… you are not alone. Thousands of entrepreneurs running businesses keep thinking about how to make more money without spending a fortune…now you can do it.

If you are offering a good product or service, to make good money it becomes a numbers game…

  • Do more marketing in appropriate venues, reach more qualified prospects.
  • Reach more prospects, make an offer of your product or service.
  • The more qualified prospects you present to…the more sales you gain.

It’s that simple. But doing more marketing can be expensive. Advertising can cost a fortune even with today’s online advertising programs. Hiring a public relations is not cheap either.

This is where Zero-Cost Marketing comes in. Since 1995 when the first edition came out, thousands of businesses big and small have dramatically increased their sales and profits without spending a dime on marketing. These sales-generating techniques have worked for 18 years… and counting!

If you want to reach more targeted prospects for your business then consider…

This classic program will give your strategies, resources and tactics that will help you reach millions of qualified prospects…

…even if you have NO money for advertising and marketing!

What you get in this landmark program from Paul Mladjenovic:
A treasury of all the ways you can market…online and offline… at no cost!

No matter you are offering… a product, service, website… whatever!… this program has the resources to help you do it…

at no cost from your marketing budget.

Take A Glimpse Inside This Program

What you get in this landmark program from Paul Mladjenovic:

A treasury of all the ways you can market…online and offline… at no cost! No matter you are offering…a product, service, website…whatever!.. this program has the resources to help you do it…at no cost from your marketing budget.

  • Over 90 websites covering inside strategies on SEO and traffic generation…free.
  • How to do article marketing….and get PAID doing it!
  • How to get radio & TV interviews
  • How to become a recognized expert and get back links and more
  • 89 resources to do marketing on Pinterest
  • How to do a press release and where to send it
  • How to get your product on the home shopping TV networks
  • How to set up your own affiliate program…free!
  • Where to find thousands of marketers to help you sell….free!
  • How to do free “Word of Mouth” Marketing
  • The real secret to successful selling
  • How to generate your own publicity

Imagine if you used only one approach from this program…what would happen to your financial and business success?

What if…

  • Your product or service was being sold on a major home shopping network?
  • What if a thousand affiliates were helping you sell what you offer?
  • What if you were paid to put your article (highlighting your offering) on a site where millions of qualified prospects were reading it?
  • What if you were interviewed on a major network where you were seen by millions of interested buyers?

The possibilities are endless with Zero-Cost Marketing. Many of the Fortune 1000 have been using these powerful strategies and approaches…why not you?

Bonus Content from Marketing Superstars… $489 Value Included FREE!

Besides the book/audio/video program that is the primary Zero-Cost Marketing program, here is the current line-up of Bonus experts that are now part of the launch:

8 profitable bonuses from the world’s experts:

  1. Paul Hartunian is one of the world’s leading experts on publicity. One of his publicity strategies got him interviewed on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He has generated publicity worth millions for himself, his clients and students. He added content entitled “How to Become a Celebrity” which is a huge boost to anyone that wants more attention, exposure and leads! You will also get…free… a link to his “million dollar publicity strategies” newsletter.
  1. Marketing expert Jeffrey Dobkin is part of the ZCM launch and his information-packed 214-page PDF “Direct Marketing Strategies” is loaded with proven sales & advertising copy tips, techniques and strategies. I personally know Jeffrey and he is sensational!
  1. Bob Bly is considered by many to be the #1 sales copy authority in the world…bar none! He is certainly one of the most-sought after experts on sales & marketing ad copy-writing. A batch of his top-notch reports on writing profitable sales copy is included. There are very few that rival Bob’s genius when it comes to writing effective and powerful sales copy… included in Zero-Cost Marketing.
  1. Internet marketing authority Tom Treanor offers his powerful report on using Pinterest for Zero-Cost Marketing success (89 resources and strategies)! Tom is a consummate marketing pro and he can help you utilize Pinterest as a powerful marketing venue like no one else.
  1. Alex Carroll is the world’s leading expert on marketing using Radio & TV interviews! He has done thousands of radio & TV interviews (over 2,500 and counting!) and he will show you how to use this super effective zero-cost marketing approach to generate publicity worth millions! Using radio and TV interviews, Alex generated over $2.5 million in sales. He calculated that had he paid for the exposure in equivalent advertising, it would have cost over $4 million…but it didn’t cost a cent!
  1. Ted Nicholas is a legendary marketer that has personally been responsible for over $4 billion worth of sales for himself and his clients. A batch of his most powerful reports and profitable sale copy secrets are included! What could happen to your business success when you apply his billion-dollar strategies? (provide here free, of course!)
  1. Brian Marinelli is an accomplished author & kindle authority will provide you with a special report on using Kindle for both direct profits and as a form of zero-cost marketing. Let Brian help you tap into the marketing power of Amazon…free!
  1. Erik Luhrs, the top-notch sales guru gives you his “ultimate qualified lead generation kit” which shows you how to do lead generation effortlessly and help your sales go off the charts! See this exclusive video report with your copy of Zero-Cost Marketing.

Look at what is included in the 5th edition:

  • Zero-Cost Marketing (the 5th edition in PDF… complete with hyperlinks to all resources included)
  • Zero-Cost Marketing videos – (35 videos from the author)
  • Zero-Cost Marketing seminar – the full 2 ½ hour audio of the classic seminar.
  • 8 bonuses from the world’s top marketing experts sharing their unique and powerful zero-cost marketing strategies. This group generated total sales that grossed over $5 billion!

A total of 2.5 hours of audio, 2+ hours of instruction in 35 videos, hundreds of resources, links and no-cost marketing strategies and 8 powerful free bonuses from the world’s leading marketers!

Why spend a small fortune on just SEO services, or advertising…or video marketing programs… for just one small price, you can get all of that and over a hundred other resources at no added cost.

You may never need to spend money on marketing programs again…this packed treasury of marketing strategies and resources will help you in generating endless sales and profits.

In short, everything you need to do endless (and spend-less) marketing is here… even if you have NO marketing budget at all.
With Zero-Cost Marketing, all it takes is your time, effort and desire to send your sales and profits through the roof…

Don’t wait another moment…

Get started now and get the complete guide to Zero Cost Marketing™ instantly!

What People Are Saying:

  • Dave Corsi  Author of “Peace of Mind Real Estate Investing”

Paul Mladjenovic is a top-notch educator and this program is an endless stream of ideas. If you are serious about learning how to market yourself and products in a professional, creative and cost effective way, then Zero-Cost Marketing is for you!

  • Dan Bitcon Founder of

“Just one of the techniques in Zero-Cost Marketing helped me generate an additional $15,000 in revenue”

  • Dr. Pat Rogers  International Directory of Distinguished Leadership for Outstanding Service in Business and Entrepreneurial Training

“After being in businesses for over 30 years and having the opportunity to attend Paul’s seminars for over a decade, I can truthfully recommend his book, “Zero Cost Marketing.” He has outdone himself! I have a previous edition and the currently released information is great! I have used the previous version in my own marketing and his current release provides timely and valuable updates and it is loaded with good content. Things change, and it is incumbent for business owners to keep up with new technologies and new trends. The program covers the gamut of social media and all forms of marketing. “

Get started now and get the complete guide to Zero Cost Marketing™!

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