The $100,000/Year
Self Publisher

build a profitable self-publishing and writing business from home that could make you 6-figures this year!

The $100,000 a Year Self Publisher

Make a huge income from publishing & marketing information as an Info-preneur!

There are many people that are putting together simple information products that they sell by mail order or the internet. This is a low-cost, low-risk business. You don’t need special skills, expensive equipment or even know how to write. Do it part-time or full-time. This class will show you: – Where and how to find information on your chosen topic – Create your own book, report, software, CD-Rom, Audio, video or newsletter in as little as 2 weeks.
Unleash the power of the Internet and create tremendous income online…
  • Do “Zero-Cost Marketing”
  • How to have your published product produced for pennies (or even free)
  • Make money with other people’s published products
  • How to write or self-publish… even if you don’t write a single word
  • How to sell through catalogs, websites and even email
  • Hot to get FREE publicity in publications & the electronic media and more.

Paul Mladjenovic is a CFP, national seminar leader, author and consultant. Since 1981, his specialties have been investing, financial planning and home business issues. During those 30-plus years, he has helped thousands of students and readers build wealth through his nationwide seminars, workshops, conferences and coaching program. Paul has written Stock Investing For Dummies (all five editions), Zero-Cost Marketing, Precious Metals Investing For Dummies, the Job Hunter’s Encyclopedia, Micro-Entrepreneurship For Dummies and High-Level Investing For Dummies. He has done many seminars such as “The $50 Wealth-Builder,” “Ultra-Investing with Options” and the “Home Business Goldmine” among others. 

Charles Wilder

"There really is no better product on the market. Easy to follow, concise, and fun!"

Jessica Weaver

"Top quality seminar. Better than any than I've seen in person. Couldn't recommend enough"

Margaret Stacy

"One word: WOW! Thank you Paul for the invaluable resource!"

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The $100,000 a Year Self Publisher