Home Office Tax Kit [DVD]

How to save thousands in Taxes (Safely) with your home business’s home office expense (2015 Edition)

The Home Office Expense (HOE) is a powerful benefit available to those that have a legitimate home business….it can save you literally thousands in taxes this year. If you use year after year, it can literally save you 6-figures…over $100,000! when you use it over 8-10 years or longer.

The Home Office Expense puts money in your pocket…and it can even be structured so that you are not paying a penny extra for it…yet it will benefit you with more hard-earned money kept in your .

The great thing is that the IRS will help you do this! That’s right…years ago a home office could have been a red flag…but if you do it the right way (according to the IRS itself), it can be a bullet-proof, worry-free tax deduction…worth a small fortune to you.

In this course, a tax pro (with 25 years of experience) that specialized in the home office deduction helps you easily understand it and do it the right way.

This course shows you…step-by-step…how to understand the Home Office Expense and how to take it…easily and with confidence.

Don’t let anyone talk you out of taking this powerful and profitable deduction…especially when the IRS lets you take it…and this tax pro gives you a guided tour.

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These are the contents of the program:

    • 16 videos (each is 5-7 minutes) both lectures and screencasts for easy learning
    • Full PDF documents from the IRS…everything you need from the source!
    • Spreadsheets and sample data
    • Filled-in sample documents to make it easy to understand
Keep in mind that the Home Office Deduction effectively gives you the power to put money in your pocket…tax free! Imagine having getting thousands of dollars from your business to use any way you like…and not pay a penny of tax on it.
This program will help you IMMEDIATELY…no matter what time of year it is…use this strategy for year-round tax savings…and you will see the powerful benefits when the next tax season comes.
Don’t delay…order your Home Office Tax Kit course today…
[DVD] Home Office Tax Kit