Crisis Investing

How to prosper during inflation, economic chaos and market turmoil

The Headlines are horrible! Inflation, shortages, food and energy woes, geopolitical issues, war and economic chaos for today and tomorrow…HOW DO YOU PROTECT YOURSELF?? This class has answers! The strategies, ideas and resources will help you get through today’s landmines…and tomorrow’s too!

This class is about what you need to know (and do) to make sure you are OK given today’s harsh realities. Knowledge and information are the first things you look for when you want to survive and thrive. This course will help you and your loved ones make it through…prosper…and sleep well!

Here are just some of what you will learn in this interesting and practical one-evening program:

·         How to profit from food and energy inflation

·         Profit from farmland?! Without buying actual dirt…in a few clicks…yes!!

·         Need income that goes up with inflation? This group of Stocks & ETFs will help

·         3 strategies before (or during) market crashes

·         The sectors and industries you MUST AVOID or your portfolio will be demolished

·         The only safe areas that you can place your money now

·         The two techniques you can use right now in your portfolio to protect positions from free-falling

·         The #1 reason to own hard assets (such as gold and silver)

·         The sectors and industries that will survive the current economic difficulties

·         What to have in your 401K plan…and what to avoid like the plague

Let s face it…we are in unprecedented times Yesterday’s financial strategies could be devastating for your financial health. There will be points addressed in this program that many financial advisors are not considering at all. Learn how to put a  “firewall” around your hard-earned money…today!

7-9pm (2 hour class – no materials fee)