Crisis Investing Webinar – April 6, 2020


Crisis Investing for 2020; How to Successfully Invest during the Global Pandemic

Time:  130pm EST (NYC time), Monday April 6th, 2020       Instructor: Paul Mladjenovic, CFP


Place: Your computer or telephone                         Event Fee: $49   Duration:  1.5 hours


Course description:


Instructor will provide specific investing strategies and resources and will cover specific stock & ETF opportunities that he personally likes. Please keep in mind that whatever specific securities mentioned during this class is for general information only so do NOT assume it is a personal recommendation for you. It is provided so that you can research and do your own due diligence and/or to discuss these ideas and securities with your financial advisor or other trusted, informed person. If you need personal financial guidance, you can privately email the instructor for confidential attention.


You will learn…


  • What stocks and ETFs have the best prospects in a recession or depression scenario
  • How to protect yourself from further downside
  • How to analyze a specific stock so you know it is a reasonable choice in your portfolio
  • How to decide if you should keep or sell a stock or ETF
  • Specific sectors and countries to avoid at this time
  • How to generate extra income from your stocks/ ETFs.
  • Specific Stocks and ETFs that you should avoid (or consider selling) now


10 Powerful Stocks & ETFs for 2020


10 Bear Market Strategies to Consider Now 

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