Socialist Platform point…”Abolish Profit”…is it a Good Idea? “Abolish Profit” is an actual platform point being proposed by a major socialist organization…is it a good idea? Does it make sense? Paul Mladjenovic, the author of books such as Stock Investing For Dummies and the instructor of courses such as Home Business Goldmine will analyze this point in detail. Paul’s website is … Read more

My interview on OANN Oct 26, 2018 – regarding the Stock Market

October 2018 was a rough month for the stock market…I discuss it with Graham Ledger, host of the Daily Ledger on One America News Network (OANN). Thanks for viewing…I wish you continued success! Regards, Paul Mladjenovic, CFP Author of… Stock Investing For Dummies (More details at and… High-Level Investing For Dummies (more details at … Read more

October 2018 Stock Market Crash…what should you do now?

Here is my video commentary regarding the rough time the stock market has had during October 2018:   Thank you for viewing my video commentary! To find out more about STOCK INVESTING FOR DUMMIES, go to… To Find out more about HIGH-LEVEL INVESTING FOR DUMMIES, go to… To find out about Paul’s course … Read more

Updated infographic: Capitalism vs. Socialism

My thanks to those that gave me feedback on Version 1.0 of this infographic. Here is Version 2.0…Feel free to download it and pass it along: IMPORTANT NOTE: You have my permission to download the above infographic and to freely share it with others. However, you may not change the content in any way. ————————- … Read more

An infographic for Independence Day…

I just created this infographic this morning… SOCIALISM vs. CAPITALISM: Because socialism is gaining ground and so many misunderstand it, I have created this simple-to-read and easy-to-share infographic… SOCIALISM VS. CAPITALISM I encourage you to share it with others…the topic is very important for our country & prosperity… To download it and share it, simply … Read more

Capitalism vs. Socialism…the REAL-world differences…

I have seen a lot of commentaries and videos covering the differences between capitalism and socialism and I find most of them falling short.  I may be the “raving capitalist” but more importantly, I know socialism given my background. Too often,  people discuss socialism from a “theory” point of view and I find that both … Read more

Understanding the Minimum Wage

This video was created to help you have a greater understanding of the minimum wage…whether you are for or against it. The more information you have about the minimum wage then the better your decision to support or oppose it. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of unskilled workers either lost their jobs or potential … Read more