AI Investing For Dummies

Hello! I am pleased to announce that my latest book… AI INVESTING FOR DUMMIES is now available. To order or to get more details, go to: (affiliate link) Thank you for letting me share… I wish you continued success! regards, Paul Mladjenovic CFP Board Emeritus (R) national speaker, educator and author

Election 2020- How to Choose Politics will have an impact on your finances, career, business and life in general. Given that, choosing someone that will have life-changing power over you, your loved ones and the nation is a serious choice. This video will help you in “HOW” you choose (not “who”). But no matter who wins, I invite you … Read more

Rescue Your Retirement webinar

Tuesday, 7pm EST May 19, 2020 Place: Your computer or smartphone   Cost: FREE Duration: 7pm to appx 8pm With everyone concerned about having enough money for retirement and achieving enough financial success for financial freedom, this free, live webinar will give you a mini-crash course to help you set your target for financial independence. Once … Read more

Advanced Options Workshop

WEBINAR: Advanced Options Workshop Time:  2pm EST (NYC time), Saturday May 16, 2020       Instructor: Paul Mladjenovic, CFP Place: Your computer or smartphone                 Event Fee: $149   Duration:  2.5 hours Course description: An intensive workshop covering option combinations ranging from straddles and strangles to bullish and bearish spreads and specialized option combinations for bullish, bearish … Read more

Earn Money ASAP at Home…

Let’s get some cash in your pocket asap! Join me for a free, live webinar… 50 BUSINESS IDEAS; Learn how to earn some cash from home asap. Monday 730pm EST, May 11, 2020 We will cover… Easy income-generating ideas you can do quickly…in as little as an evening or a weekend. Learn the 7 powerful … Read more

Understanding Socialism Webinar

Join us! Free, live webinars… UNDERSTANDING SOCIALISM Evening: 7:30pm EST, Monday April 27, 2020 This webinar will help attendees learn the real-world differences between socialism and free-market capitalism. Paul Mladjenovic will tear away the theory and the hype and let you know what the reality is about socialism. After Paul’s presentation (powerpoint) which will be … Read more

Crisis Investing Webinar – April 6, 2020

WEBINAR: Crisis Investing for 2020; How to Successfully Invest during the Global Pandemic Time:  130pm EST (NYC time), Monday April 6th, 2020       Instructor: Paul Mladjenovic, CFP Place: Your computer or telephone                         Event Fee: $49   Duration:  1.5 hours Course description: Instructor will provide specific investing strategies and resources and will cover specific stock & ETF … Read more

Encore! Live Financial Webinar 2

Join me! For a Free, Live Webinar on…. Thursday, 730pm EST April 2, 2020. This is an encore event…if you signed up for March 31’s webinar you will already receive the invite…but for others this is your 2nd chance: …I will discuss… * the Current Market Mayhem * What to expect in the coming weeks … Read more

Live Financial Webinar

Join me! For a Free, Live Webinar on Tuesday, 730pm EST March 31, 2020. I will discuss… * the Current Market Mayhem * What to expect in the coming weeks and months * Some defensive moves to consider to add safety to your finances NOW. * Also do a Q&A with participants The event will … Read more