Capitalism vs. Socialism…the REAL-world differences…

I have seen a lot of commentaries and videos covering the differences between capitalism and socialism and I find most of them falling short.  I may be the “raving capitalist” but more importantly, I know socialism given my background.

Too often,  people discuss socialism from a “theory” point of view and I find that both tragic and aggravating. All of us need a REAL-WORLD perspective on both economic philosophies. They won’t get this reality-based perspective from most colleges and universities…the economics professors there are in love with socialism as a theory. What dangerous horse crap!

Given all that…I thought it was time to give my perspective so that folks get a more well-rounded view of both systems. It is an hour long but hopefully you will find it interesting. I look forward to providing a shorter version of this critical topic for those that can’t sit through a full hour of yours truly…

1 thought on “Capitalism vs. Socialism…the REAL-world differences…”

  1. Mr. Mladjenovic;
    Very well organized, thorough, and thank you.
    If I can bore you, here is an account from a simple schmuck telling a street version of what capitalism can do.

    A Wheelchair Capitalist:
    If I question my own country, Canada, basically… the direction (kinda) sucks. Everywhere I go the majority of Canadians are expecting handouts in every aspect of society. Canadians now demand everything (so-called) free, including, as you know, health care, college education, living wages, unions, policing, rent subsidies, and even charity to do be carried out by government. Creating hate for the ones who have a couple o’ bucks. I don’t mind some tax going to those who need it, but here in Canada 1 in 4 jobs is government.
    I happen to be a wheelchair capitalist. The wheelchair part is evident to people so they feel sorry for me but automatically feel assured that the government is taking care of me so I get all kinds of shit for free. But if I had accepted these socialist government handouts I would not have been able to support my two sons or my own livelihood. No advancement.
    Few know that I have never accepted a dime from the government. They happen to be capitalists.
    The direction of Canada’s policies has me fixed on the idea that I have to leave so that I can decide where my money goes to create more advancement by giving people the tools to become self-sufficient. Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.
    I write this because it is getting harder and harder to find a mentality that encourages intelligence, learning, understanding and therefore pride and confidence. This is wealth. Also, I am still human, and human nature wishes to reach out to people that are of like thinking, so some sort of my belonging is satisfied. It is rare for me to find this in Canada.
    Thank you again; The Wheelchair Capitalist

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