Author: Paul Mladjenovic

An infographic for Independence Day…

I just created this infographic this morning… SOCIALISM vs. CAPITALISM: Because socialism is gaining ground and so many misunderstand it, I have created this simple-to-read and easy-to-share infographic… SOCIALISM VS. CAPITALISM I encourage you to share it with others…the topic is very important for our country & prosperity… To download it and share it, simply […]

Capitalism vs. Socialism…the REAL-world differences…

I have seen a lot of commentaries and videos covering the differences between capitalism and socialism and I find most of them falling short.  I may be the “raving capitalist” but more importantly, I know socialism given my background. Too often,  people discuss socialism from a “theory” point of view and I find that both […]

Tax Loophole or Tax Deduction? Which is Good…which is Bad?!

I see the terms “Tax Loophole” and “Tax Deduction” bandied about constantly and I think they are misleading or misunderstood. We need clarity on the topic (so you don’t miss out on a tax benefit!)…so view my latest video: I want to see you keep more of the fruits of your labor this year (and next) […]

Understanding the Minimum Wage

This video was created to help you have a greater understanding of the minimum wage…whether you are for or against it. The more information you have about the minimum wage then the better your decision to support or oppose it. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of unskilled workers either lost their jobs or potential […]

Disturbing Poll: Many under 30 leaning toward Socialism

My friend Michael Snyder runs a great blog and I think that this particular post is one of his most important: The Future Of America? – More Than Half Of All U.S. Adults Under Age 30 Now Reject Capitalism I was born in a communist country that collapsed in 1994 ( the former socialist paradise […]

My 35th Year Business Anniversary…

Hello everyone! Welcome to this celebratory page for my business (keep reading through…I have some very special offers for you) I launched my first business (PM Financial Services) on my birthday…March 19, 1981. Yes…35 years ago! It was a part-time home-based enterprise from my desk in a modest apartment in Hoboken, NJ. from there, I […]