Capitalism vs. Socialism…the REAL-world differences…

I have seen a lot of commentaries and videos covering the differences between capitalism and socialism and I find most of them falling short.  I may be the “raving capitalist” but more importantly, I know socialism given my background.

Too often,  people discuss socialism from a “theory” point of view and I find that both tragic and aggravating. All of us need a REAL-WORLD perspective on both economic philosophies. They won’t get this reality-based perspective from most colleges and universities…the economics professors there are in love with socialism as a theory. What dangerous horse crap!

Given all that…I thought it was time to give my perspective so that folks get a more well-rounded view of both systems. It is an hour long but hopefully you will find it interesting. I look forward to providing a shorter version of this critical topic for those that can’t sit through a full hour of yours truly…

Tax Loophole or Tax Deduction? Which is Good…which is Bad?!

I see the terms “Tax Loophole” and “Tax Deduction” bandied about constantly and I think they are misleading or misunderstood.

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Paul Mladjenovic, CFP

Understanding the Minimum Wage

This video was created to help you have a greater understanding of the minimum wage…whether you are for or against it. The more information you have about the minimum wage then the better your decision to support or oppose it.

In recent years, hundreds of thousands of unskilled workers either lost their jobs or potential jobs were not created due to the unintended consequences tied to the minimum wage. Therefore, we must understand the minimum wage and its consequences if we are going to attempt to improve the job prospects for those that seek viable employment opportunities.

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I wish you continued success!

Paul Mladjenovic, CFP


Disturbing Poll: Many under 30 leaning toward Socialism

My friend Michael Snyder runs a great blog and I think that this particular post is one of his most important:

The Future Of America? – More Than Half Of All U.S. Adults Under Age 30 Now Reject Capitalism

I was born in a communist country that collapsed in 1994 ( the former socialist paradise of Yugoslavia). It is disturbing that so many young people don’t understand the dangers of Socialism. It is obvious to me that that are enamored with the reputation of socialism and are totally clueless about how horrible it is.

The reason is that these teenagers and young adults have been drenched in nonsense by statist teachers and college professors and haven’t been properly educated about the reality of socialism.

Free-Market Capitalism is about freedom and prosperity.

Socialism produces  dependency, oppression and poverty.

If our (barely capitalist) country and personal liberty are to survive (and hopefully thrive), we need to give the under-30 crowd the information that they desperately need.

What can you do? what can we do?

I am always happy to do public presentations on this topic and I even glad to publicly debate college professors. If you have ideas for how we can make a positive impact on this critical debate…let me know!

I wish all of you continued success!


Paul Mladjenovic, CFP

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My 35th Year Business Anniversary…

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Eventually I have branded myself as “The Raving Capitalist” and my philosophy is that everyone should be doing a two-pronged approach to wealth-building; passive and active.

Passive wealth-building means that you have your money work for you with vehicles such as stocks, options, mutual funds utilizing appropriate investing & speculating strategies.

Active wealth-building means that you use your knowledge & efforts in your spare time (a home business) to build wealth. I also point out to my students that you should be diversified in your active wealth-building too (besides just your investment portfolio).

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My former country was destroyed by communism (hardcore socialism) and some of the same policies are being pushed now (ugh) and I want to avert financial/ economic catastrophes that are on the way…stay tuned!
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